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Hey everyone,
I just made an account here cause I need some help deciding what to build. I'm having trouble deciding between i7-950 with Asus p6x58de or going with amd crosshair formula iv and 1090t processor. I live close to a microcenter so the price is about the same... Also I know intel is about to release there new chips. Is the 2600k going to priced similar to i7-950? I'm on a 1200 budget so I cant spend to much more then 450.00 for motherboard and processor... Please help and thanks for your time.
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  1. I forgot to add that I've never overclocked before so that's not to important to me. I've seen benchmarks that has the i7-950 ahead on most things but having 6 cores seems kinda cool. I know there both going to be a huge upgrade over my old pentium 4. Oh and here's the other parts I was thinking.
    Haf 922
    Caviar black 1tb 7200
    His radeon 6870 1gb
    Corsiar 750hx
    Corsair XMS3 6gb
    Windows 7
    Asus 24x DVD burner
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    Go with the i7-950. The new SB chips are replacing the 1156 boards, so I personally wouldn't go for them if you're looking at 1366. It is better than the AMD 6-cores, and you'll have the ability to use triple channel memory (unlike the AMD CPUs).

    I would recommend getting the Samsung F3 1TB or even the Hitachi 1TB. I checked today on newegg and there's a good Hitachi 1TB for only 54.99. The Samsungs are the fastest and are cheaper than the WD Blacks.
  3. The reason I chose the WD caviar black was because it had 6.0 gb/s instead of 3.0. And also 64 mb of cashe as apposed to 32mb. Is there not really much of a differnse because going with what you recommended would save me 20 bucks. :). Thanks for the reply.
  4. The 6Gbps hard drives aren't worth it. The performance is limited by the nature of reading from the disks. It is making more substantial headway for SSDs though, because the controllers that are being developed can read faster and faster (the slowest SATA II SSD I've seen reads at 355MBps, which is just around 3Gbps).

    You likely wouldn't see a clear difference between the two.
  5. Ok cool. Samsung it is. I'll get an ssd sometime, I just can't afford it in my build right now. Ok so do you think the i7-950 will go down in price once the new chips come out?
  6. I don't really think they'll be affected by the 1155 chips coming out now. They will be when the replacement to the 1366 chips do (for obvious reasons). Intel CPUs retain their value and performance for quite a while though (Intel Core 2 Duos/Quad are still in use in a LOT of places).
  7. Cool. My last question would be do you think I could save any more money anywhere else? I thought possibly the power supply and video card. For power supply it was the corsair 750hx 144.00 with a 15 dollar mir. I might eventually get a 2nd video card and I picked that power supply cause it was modular but could switch if it saves me a bunch. Also contemplating GTX 460 to save a little bit.
  8. I'm using an Antec 650W (Earthwatts 650W) in my signature build, and it's only $70 on newegg. The GTX 460s are great GPUs; they run really well in SLI and overclocked (both done on this PSU in my system), and can match/exceed the 470s stock performance when overclocked.
  9. Ok heres my setup
    Haf 922 99.00
    Asus 24x DVd burner 18.99
    Sanding F3 69.99
    Radeon 6870 239.00 (20 Mir)
    Antec earthwatts 69.00 (15 Mir)
    Corsiar xms3 6gb 89.99 (20 Mir)
    Windows 7 99.99

    That's 688.92 plus $466 from microcenter and that's 1100 for my build. Better then what I had 1250.00. Thanks :)
  10. Glad to help get things worked out. That build should do quite nicely with almost anything you throw at it.

    I wish my nearest Microcenter weren't in Chicago; the 10% sales tax is killer. But then again, so was getting my i7-930 for only $200 when it was $280 everywhere else :)
  11. Yeah I just moved here a few months ago. I went from having nothing around me in Maine to everything I need here in Texas. I'm about 20 min from microcenter and frys. :). Your awesome though man. Thx for your time
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