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Is anyone familiar with how to set up one computer (windows 7) with HDMI to output 4 different sources to 4 separate monitors? I need to set up digital signage for a company on their main entry wall and would like to stream 4 Flash videos on 4 separate HDMI monitors only using one computer. Thank you in advance
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  1. The only video cards that can do this would be the 6 display port 5870. (do the new 68xx cards handle 4 outputs?) Going the 6 DP route will work, but will cost. And you'll have to use DP and not DVI/DMI.
  2. If your computer has 2 pci-e slots, then you can get 2 inexpensive discrete video cards.
    Each 1 will let you drive 2 monitors. Get cards with 1 dvi and 1 hdmi output, use a dvi-hdmi dongle http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882021060&cm_re=dvi_to_hdmi_adapter-_-82-021-060-_-Product
    If you have only 1 slot , you could get this card , it has 2 display controllers, for 4 outputs. You would need 4 dvi-hdmi dongles http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129158&Tpk=4670x2
    There are also USB to video adapters that allow added monitors. But they run independent of the gpu driver, and do not know if they support new flash or not ?
    Also the new eyefinity cards as mentioned above.
  3. A much cheaper option is the dual video card setup. The 6DP 5870 costs a lot of money. A CF board with two (non linked) 5450s or something like that will run a lot less. Won't use as much electricity either.
  4. A video card would work, but only if the computer running it is going to be close to the displays. Otherwise you need to buy extenders to make it work in that way. Or you can get 4 media player boxes like this


    That connect through the web. Then you just use a browser to change the content and make a schedule for how it displays.
  5. Today you don't need to use video extenders as there are many VGA\ HDMI over LAN adaptors that are
    basically used as a display adaptors, which are connected to the main PC over your existing LAN.

    There are few vendors in the market :

    PHISTEK ZE6000

    ATRUST M320



    And more...

    I've found this information here:
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