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Quick double check, just want to make sure this RAM is compatible with this MOBO.

Going to put a i5 760 in this in case that matters as well.

And excuse my ignorance but I was planning on buying the

but I happened to come across this deal. As a computer illiterate, I assumed the 6k series to be superior but the price point on the Saphire is considerably more pre sale. Being these two are around the same price at this point, which GPU carries a better punch?

Thanks for all your help.
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  1. ^ Have you bought the i5 760 ? Intel is going to replace the i5 - LGA 1156 with the newer LGA 1155 socket on Jan 5th, so it would be better to wait till then,...

    GPU - For a single card config, the HD 5870 is better - Even though the naming implies 6870 is better, but in actual, the 5870 is more powerful,...
    I dont see any reason why not to go with that card for that price after the deal,...
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