FPS increase?

Hey guys, short and simple question.
I currently have an AMD Phenom X4 9650 @ 2.3GHz, What % FPS increase will i get in games if i upgrade to an AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 Ghz?
I know FPS is more of a gpu determined thing but i've upgraded all my components in the past year or so except my CPU.

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  1. It depends totally on what resolution you play at and what GPU you have. If you are sure the CPU is holding it back then at least 30%
  2. We have no idea what resolution you play at or what video card you have so nobody can answer that question.
  3. 1920x1080
    Currently using an AMD 5770 but might be getting GTX 560 Ti soon
  4. I have no doubt that your 5770 is already being bottlenecked by your cpu, even at that resolution.

    You can confirm this by running a benchmark like 3dmark11, then overclock your processor a few hundred mhz, then re-bench. If your gpu score goes up then you know it's being held back by the cpu.
  5. Ok, i overclocked my cpu and then retried the benchmark test and my fps increased a little. Do you recommend i buy a new CPU instead of the GTX 560 Ti?
  6. How much did you overclock? Also what is the model of your board so I can see if a new cpu is even supported?
  7. Only overclocked 250 Mhz, My mobo is an Asrock k10n78. I updated the bios so it now supports AM3
  8. im getting very little FPS on the benchmark, I was getting 3.5 fps on average when doing the Extreme X 1920x1080 test! When i overclocked my cpu by around 250 it went up to 5 Fps on average, then i overclocked my GPU a bit and it continued to be around 5 Average FPS.
  9. It definitely looks like the CPU is holding you back so get the 955 instead of the 560.
  10. Ok i will go for the cpu, Is the 955 the fastest quad core compatible?
  11. Well if you can get your cpu to 3ghz, that would be a pretty good match for 5770. If you can do that I don't really see any reason to upgrade the cpu until you upgrade the gpu.

    955 is not the fastest compatible. You could probably go all the way up to the 970 or 975 but I would still recommend the 955 because it will run just as fast as 975. Then there are also the 6 cores, but they aren't faster for gaming because the clock speed is lower.
  12. Ok, will do! Thanks guys for all your help :)
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