Problems booting after long shut down

So I have this issue, if my computer is shut down for an extended period of time 1+hours, when I power it on I must turn it off and then on again to post.

If I come back from sleep there is no issue it boots right up.

If I only have it shut down for a few minutes it boots right up.

Anybody have any idea?

90% of the time the computer is in sleep so its not a huge issue but still an annoyance.

Any idea what could be doing this? Ive left prime running for about 10 hours no problem and I can restart 5 times without it giving any issue.
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  1. weak PSU is number one suspect....
  2. Its a 1000w much more then my system needs, but why would it only do this after a long power down? I have not had any crashes or power issues any other time.
  3. Anybody else have any ideas?
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