Duel and Tri-Channel RAM configurations


A question that was raised when I was casually browsing my MOBO manual recently (cool, I know).

My mobo has in its QVL (qualified vendors lists) for RAM a number of tri-channel setups (3 sticks of RAM equalling 6GB) but I do not understand how it does so when it only supports dual channel RAM. I have four slots labelled as A1, A2, B1 and B2.

I assume that upon buying a tri-channel kit, the mobo would simply assign two of the DIMMs to dual channel, plus a single channel module in there as well?

Please enlighten me if this is indeed the case of if I have this all the wrong way. Does it work well if this is the case? or is the extra module mostly overlooked?

Opinions please...
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  1. It probably just means that it is guaranteed to boot with that RAM in it, nothing more.

    The Dual Channel Mode may deactivate if you use the 3 sticks.
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