Need professional help..

Hey all....

Ok this is what I need to do... if you know how please help me out... :

I need to be able to send 3 files trough email (doesn't matter wich email client.. I will use whatever can do it.. )

The same 3 files will always be used, and they are always going to be sent to the same address.

Here is the catch... all this must be automated... at 4am it must automaticly dial up to the ISP then send this email then disconnect.

If you would know how to set this up.. please let me know how... This is for a business... And unfortunetly they are only running off 56K modem.. (no high speed available in there area... )


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  1. THe only way I can see this working is too make sure the E-mail is in the sent folder and read to go...set the power on time in the BIOS if the board as one.then start a scheduled task to open something like outlook...make sure outlook is set to dial a connection and send messages when it opens.

    I used to do this to open WINAMP and used it as my alarm clock :-)
    Good Luck

  2. you can use windows scripting together with scheduler to set this up VERY nicely... somebody here should know how to work windows scripting better than I do, but basically, you'd use it as more or less a macro -- it will record the acts (clicks etc) of starting dialup, opening outlook, starting a new e-mail, attaching the files, typing the address, and sending it (it needn't be this complicated, you can make it simpler by having a pre-made draft or being always connected etc). Then, set the scheduler to call this script at 4:00 am...

    That should do it :)
  3. oh yeah, windows scripting is a free add-on from MS on older OSs and comes pre-built on newer OSs... so no expenditure there...

    maybe pay somebody a few bucks to coin the script (it shouldn't take more than an hour for basic script, but if you want they can build some neat error-checking and correcting as well:)

    Good Luck:)
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