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Libraries and homegroup? WHY??

Can anyone please tell me why libraries and homegroup are useful in W7?

I understand it is "easier" to setup, but is there anything else?

I already have my files organized in folders (Audio, Documents, Programs, Pictures, Videos). Is there any difference if i set that folder as a library?
Is Homegroup any different than normal file sharing (when everything is setup). The only difference i noticed is that there are no write permissions (at all, except public folder, but that is not even the same folder) when using homegroup.
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    Homegroup is easier to set up (especially for a normal user) then file sharing, and libraries lets you see data from different locations in the same place (for example, if you had music on your network, music in the your music file, and music in a third random location you could add them all to a library for easy access and comparison)

    Personally i am a fan of both of these features, however streaming music still takes the cake imo
  2. Is this only useful for a normal user, or do skilled users also benefit from this? How is homegroup different than a shared folder (except that it contains libraries instead of folders)?
    Is it possible to enable write access to homegroup (not just in public folders)?

    My question is: I already have well organized files, and file sharing. Is there any reason i should use libraries and setup a homegroup?

    I generally like the idea, but as i can see, everything is just duplicated:
    Libraries - with 'pictures' in 'pictures' library and Folders - with pictures in 'picture' folder
    Network - with computers and folder shares and Homegroup - with computers and libraries shares.
  3. To give computer access to write to files in a homegroup, you have to actually go to the files on any given computer and change the permissions on them.

    To my knowledge, there is no way to enable writing in the homegroup options, it has to be done via folders.

    As for the functionally of it, i believe these features were mostly designed for ease of use, etc.
  4. I did it :)
    I have the same username and password on both laptop and desktop (on vista it was enough). In file sharing it logs in, and i have access, but in Homegroup i had to grant write permission to user "HomeUsers" for it to work.

    I guess i will get used to it, now that it works as i need it to :) Thanks for your help.
  5. sweet, nice find there. Now im gonna go home and do the exact same thing :)
  6. hehe :)
    Well, now it works for me... All i have to figure out now is how to enable 'one time' access... Like (with normal sharing) when someone came over i could navigate to my computer, typed my username and pass, and i had RW access from that machine just for that session. Do you know if it is possible to do it with homegroup?
  7. I honestly haven't played with it enough yet to give an answer there, i actually just set it up last night as i was going to bed. Im planning on spending some time on it when i get home tonight, so i can take a look and let you know what i come up with.

    The one thing i can say is that if they aren't using w7 they wont be able to access it, so that is something to keep in mind.
  8. They can access normal share, so if there is no other way, it is still possible.
    Btw i noticed a new (hidden) user "HomeGroupUser$", but i cannot login with it. I tried homegroup pass, blank pass and my user pass with no luck.
  9. For me personally, homegroup is a great feature. I have my media center pc set up in my living room and my high end pc set up in my bedroom. I can download whatever I want on my desktop and easily send them over to my media pc.

    Don't get me wrong, I did this in Vista as well. However, the setup process was more complicated and it would sometimes drop the connection while in the middle of transfering a file. That problem has not occured yet with homegroup.

    Plus, it makes it very easy to stream media from computer to computer using Windows Media Player.

    As a plus for Microsoft, I really think the new homegroup feature will get people involved in setting up a streamlined home network that haven't tried to in the past because Vista networking was not as straight forward as homegroup is.
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