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Dual Boot and Sleep

I have 2 issues that I'm hoping are simple fixes.
I have Win7 and Win8 set up as dual boot...separate HDDs...When computer will post and then display blank screen. I will have to restart using the power button and that will usually give me the OS choice screen. Why the blank screen initially?
Second issue is in Win8 when I awake the computer from sleep everything is frozen. The lock screen shows, but I have no mouse, keyboard, and the network connections symbol shows no connection. This I usually resolve with the power button as well

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    Well I can't help with first issue, but i must say this....Don't forget Windows 8 is still a Beta OS. Its still gonna have issues and kinks showing up. I won't say further because thats all there is to say
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  3. Sounds like (since im guessing) you installed windows 8 second right? as stated above windows 8 is beta, which means win 8 may have overwrited your win7 bootloader with its own beta version.
  4. Glad i could help!. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them!
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