DIR 655 Setup problem


I'm trying to install a D-Link DIR 655, but I'm getting stuck every time.

The DIR 655 is plugged into the wireless modem of my ISP
I'm using the setup CD to install the router.

These are the steps I'm following:
- connect router to modem + connect power to router + connect router to the computer via LAN (is required for the setup)
- Choose the option Dynamic IP Adress
Then choose the option: Cable Modem User Click here: Cloned MAC adress: XX XX XX
I ticked this option, but I also tried without ticking this.
- Network name: xxxx
Channel: Autoselect
Encryption: WPA-PSK: passwoord: xxxx
Saving settings...
Checking your internet connection status please wait...
And then I get this:
A problem has occured when trying to access the internet. Please check your DSL/Cable connection and verfy your internet connection settings.
I didn't succeed to get past this error
There is an image, telling that the connection between the router and the computer is ok, but between the router and the internet symobl is a red cross.

When closing the setup, I can connect to the router, and access the router settings ( But I can't connect to the internet, there is a yellow '!' on the internet icon.

Anybody knows what's going on here?
I have installed this router at home in the past, with the same ISP, without any troubles. I reset the settings and try to install it here, but it's not working

The modem of my ISP is a wireless one, at home it wasn't a wireless one

I can use all help :)

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  1. What happens when you set your routers IP to ?
  2. You sir, are my hero :D

    I think it is solved, I have internet connection now :)

    Does changing this number have any consequences in the functionality of the router?
    Does it have any implications like when trying to connect a printer, or anything?
  3. No consequences and no implications
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