Turn on wireless switch for dell dimension 2400

My computer is a model from the early 2000s. It has had DSL internet connected to it before. My sister ordered a DIY setup and it wrked for her Mac (latest model). But now we can't get it to work on our Dell. I think it might be that the wireless is switched off. Can anyone explain to me how to turn it on and how to complete the setup so I can be conneced to the internet?

Our ISP is AT&T (high speed) and its a "2WIRE" modem.

If you need me to specify any further, please don't hesistate to ask. (:
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  1. Edit : I see the model# in the title. That Dell did not come with a wireless network card built in. You will need to purchase one and install it. Luckily your dell has usb2.0, a simple usb wireless device should work fine just make sure it has drivers available for it that match your operating system.

    If your sisters "kit" included a wireless router then you may have the option of running a network cable from the router to the Dell. Not all wireless routers have wired ports on them. Check the back of hers. You usually can pick up a used network cable from a computer outlet/clearance for a few bucks if you dont have friends with free ones for you.
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