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Undecided: Nvidia GTX 460 or Radeon HD5770

I was wanting to get a new grapichs card and im not to familar with this at all. Was wanting to get a new graphicsa card but i didn't know which one to get based on the power supply, if i have enough power for it it'd like to get the Nvidia GTX 460. But if i dont' i would get the Radeon HD5770. I can't upgarde my PSU so whatever is their and Whatever i can run on the PSU i currently have.

GTX 460:

Radeon HD5770:

I was leaning tward the GTX because of how many bits more it has than the 5770 but i have no idea what i'm doing, so any help would be apreciated.I'm not an Extreme Gamer but i like to play all the lastest titles as much as i can, and i dont do anything on my comp but play games and surf the internet.

I Can't get a better PSU cause i can't install it so i'm trying to get the best i can run on the one i have.

System Specs:
20'' Samsung Syncmaster P2070
AMD Phenom II x4 965
Gigabyte 770T-USB3
4G RAM Corsair 1333 Dual channel
500 Watt.....

Can i run any of these cards(or better) on this PSU
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  1. A GTX460 only uses about 160w so you should be OK with that one.
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    A GTX460 only uses about 160w so you should be OK with that one.

    Are you sure, i was reading it on the website and it said minimum of 450 Watt?

    I am also need to know if my PSU has the right connectors because it was saying i need 1 6 pin connter and the other said 2 6 pin connector.
  3. If so, what do you think the best graphics card i can get with my current power supply?
  4. Actually it could be as low as 140w depending on which one you get.
  5. Hi,

    The 460 GTX 1GB FTW that you listed is a very good card, but if you want to spend less and still play all the latest games at high resolution you should go for the ATI 6850. (Same price as the 5770 you listed, but much better performance). And if you ever feel like overclocking, the 6850 is a very good overclocker.

    The cheapest 6850 is priced at 180$

    And just on the off-case your power supply is not enough (it might be a low quality power supply..I'm not an expert so I don't pretend to know more than I do. . but better safe than sorry), the 6850 does consume much less than the 460. I believe it's max consumption is around 130 versus the 180 max for that 460 GTX FTW.

    GTX 460 FTW 1GB Review:

    Radeon HD 6850 Review:

    Bottom-line, if you want to go for the cheaper solution that is still a very good card and will run everything smoothly on ur resolution, or you don't feel like taking power requirements risks, get the 6850.

    Otherwise, get the 460 GTX FTW 1GB (It's a very good overclocked card and I think at this price-point it cannot be beat performance wise)

    PS: I am also ordering a 6850 at this time of writing because I also own a no-name 500W PSU (18A@12v1, 18A@12v2) so since it powered my 4850 fine, I went for the 6850. Didn't want to try to get anything higher in terms of power consumption in case it doesn't work.
  6. Thank you for that, was helpful but i'm still having a problem knowing if my PSU can handle the 6850. I saw it today at newegg but i didnt look into it because it says a minimum of 500 watt.I was looking for a 450watt one cause i wanted to be safe when im overcloking my CPU and GPU.But i am still unsure of what exactly the power requirements are and how all that stuff works.When i looked into some of them they say at least 24Amps on the 12/v rail and i have 34 i think is that good? If someone could clear that up for me! Thankyou

    For performance wise as in better FPS what would be better out of the 3




  7. get the 6850, it uses less power than the 460, is cheaper and is about the same performance wise.
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    The 500W will be able to handle the HD6850 fine even if you decide to do some overclocking. To give you a more definitive answer, look here:

    An entire system with an HD 6850 consumes about 230-270 watts under full load.

    As for your PSU, you more than likely do not have 34 amps on the 12v rails and your screenshot does not give a clear answer. But even if it's not 34 amps, it should be around 25-30 amps, which is still fine for any of the cards you listed.
  9. Yeah, the PSU should be fine for the HD6850. If you can hold off a little I would wait for this card to be back in stock as it has the best cooling;
    If not then this is the best one in stock;
  10. Thanks guys for all your help!!!!I've Decided to go with the Radeon HD 6850.Now the fun part, slecting from which company!

    Which one would you guys recommend.





    Thanks again all.
    All of these are listed on Newegg for about the same price of 179.99 U.S.
  11. Like I said the Asus card is the best choice but it is out of stock. Of the others I would get the Gigabyte card.
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