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I'm using two ASUS EAH5870 V2's CF and I'm having issues with my clock speeds. At first my second card wouldn't speed up when I played a game at all. I disabled ULPS with regedit. Now my cards both run at the same speed when I launch a game but it doesn't last long. Between matches the second card clocks down at the loading screen and never goes back up. If I minimize my game just for a second it will go down and never come back up unless I quit the game and start it back up again but it doesn't matter because if I hit a loading screen it will go down and stay down. I have a friend with the same problem and I've read numerous forums about this very same thing only they never specified that it occurred at the same times that I have mentioned. Does anybody out there have a fix for this? Is it my drivers? I'm running 10.10 drivers and 10.10 profiles. I miss NVIDIA right now, I never had issues like this before. Why can't I use these two damn things at the same speeds after I spent $800 on them? Any help would be appreciated more than anything!
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  1. Yes I play in full screen
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