Audio stuttering and 3d game slowdowns

Hi, I'm having trouble here and really need help - I built this desktop:

Intel DH55HC board
Core i5-760 not overclocked
2x4 gig DDR 3 RAM
EVGA geforce gtx 560 ti
500W coolermaster PSU
Windows 7 Enterprise x 64

Now, long story short I got it all configured and then fired up Half-Life 2. The game played terribly but looked great, I was getting high framerates but it would stutter and slow down. It's really unplayable that way, so I did a bunch of software troubleshooting and eliminated pretty much any chance that it's a software issue.

In the meantime while I tried to figure that out, I discovered that when I try to play mp3s (only mp3s, not CDs or youtube or anything else) it stutters throughout, and seems also to play slower. Since I mainly want this system to play video games and periodically listen to music, it's unusable doing this. For about 4 days, I tried a lot of fixes - driver stuff, sound buffer settings, etc etc with no success. I even tried putting in an old SB Live! value and found drivers called KX for it, and that didn't stop the problem either.

So I thought maybe it was something thermal (throttling) or a hardware issue - realtemp was showing the cores running around 25-30, mid 40s tops. However, in the BIOS the temperature was much higher - stabilized around 65 Celsius. I've cleaned off and reapplied the arctic silver on the CPU more times than I probably care to think about, and used both the stock intel cooler and Thermaltake 1156 with about the same results. THEN, I looked at the memory and realized I put the sticks in on different color slots! (the same channel). I hated myself for about 5 minutes, then switched them to the blue bays, thinking for sure it would be the obvious fix. But it didn't stop the madness. I'm approaching the deadline to send a lot of the stuff back, so I really need to get this sorted out. Could these problems be heating issues, or would it be shutting down if it was that bad? Is there a chance I damaged the RAM sticks or memory controller by installing them on different color slots? Any other thoughts or ideas are much appreciated, I actually kind of hope it's a CPU thing for my own sanity.
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  1. Have you updated the bios and then the drivers?
  2. Yes, I tried the newest Intel BIOS and Windows 7 with and without the Windows Updates and several versions of Realtec drivers (motherboard CDs and the newest from the website). I also tried using whatever generic drivers Windows installs. So annoying!!!
  3. Are there any other cards installed? This sounds like an IRQ or DMA conflict but motherboards are pretty good about sharing these nowerdays.
  4. Yes, that's also what I was thinking. The video card is on the only PCIe X16 slot, so there's nowhere else to put it and no other cards installed (I took the SB Live out). So I decided to RMA the Intel board and got the EVGA H55 motherboard. Hopefully it will magically work, if not I'll exchange the processor and keep pluggin' away. Thanks for replying!
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