Asus p7h55/usb3 and Logitech Z-5500


I use Asus p7h55/usb3, via hd audio deck.

When I play games like CS:S and Skyrim main sound coming from center speakers. FE: I can`t even hear the food steps which come from left or right. I need to look there directly so I can hear the steps from center speaker. Same problem with Skyrim too. When someone talks I need to look him directly to hear him well if I turn somewhere sound decreasing.

Also, Sound of front speakers are less then rear ones.
Music? yes, same problem front less then rear.

I use it 6ch direct mode. All surround and center volume maxed out.
when I get the SS default device was not 6ch.

I need your help. I had msi motherboard and there was no issue like this. What should I do what is your suggestions? Regards
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  1. im pretty sure everyone has this problem, even i do
  2. I uninstalled asus sound driver and found my old creative 5.1 vx card. I just jumped into a game and tried but the result was same. Rear and Center speakers are louder then front speakers. Any idea?
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