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So I'm going to be upgrading my current built (Gigabyte/Phenom IIx3/4gigs ram) and I have an old desktop (yep one of the old horizontal POS's) case lying around that I was thinking of stuffing with the leftovers (along with a cheap PSU) and letting my kids use it for surfing. My question is, is the desktop case worth using, given the availability of cheap towers? It's filthy, it's old (as in 20+ years old) and I have no idea if it requires special components or not. Any opinions are appreciated.
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  1. Disregard this thread. I've been trying to disassemble this thing and I've realized that I don't even want to try reusing this thing. I'd rather spend $20 on a cheap mid-tower.
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    JackNaylor is probably right. Depends on your propensity to mod. If the case is pre-1995, then it predates the ATX form factor, and your standoffs won't fit.

    The Antec case Jack recommends is good, but if you have some extra 120mm fans in your leftovers, this is a better choice IMHO: Cooler Master HAF 912.

    There are not a lot of good cheap cases on sale at Newegg today. Guess they are gearing up for Sandybridge this Wednesday.

    I'm going to use that in my new build and let the kids have my old Raidmax mid-tower. After doing some research I found I'll probably need a full tower since I plan to upgrade to X-fired 5870s this fall. Plus I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room for a good cpu cooler since I plan to OC my new Phenom II 965BE.
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