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SLI vs. Dedicated Card for PhysX

Hi all. I want to first apologize if I am using terminology incorrectly and the like, I do not really have much computer experience. I currently just built a new gaming pc and I'm running into a bit of a dilemma with my video card situation. Currently, I have a GTX 470 powering my gaming and have a bit of wiggle room with my budget. I was almost certain I was going to get a second card and SLI the two of them, but with all the rumors and talk about the 580, I'm contemplating purchasing one of those and having it power my system.

So my question is this, Would it be more wise for me to go with another 470 to SLI or wait and purchase a 580 and use that as my core graphics card and make the 470 dedicated for physx. I know not many games support physx at the moment, but I don't really know another alternative if I want to grab a better card for power, that is unless I can SLI a 470 with a card that isn't a 470, but after reading the sticky on the subject it sounded a bit pointless.

I also checked the benchmarks and saw that some games run much better with a SLI configuration and most of those titles I play, but someone once told me that a single powerhouse trumps dual card set ups all the time. Although I'm not too sure.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Well... Why get a 580 when you could just SLI 470s. The performance isn't bad and it'll run most games just fine on max settings even crysis. The 580 is just too soon to tell anything. Power consumption, performance, temperatures, all these things we don't even know yet. For all you know it could need more power than you have, or it could get even hotter than two 470s. As of now, I would say 470 SLI is your best bet.

    If you do, do this route, wait for Cayman. Then Nvidia will probably combat the new card will price drops so if you go with the 470 wait for now.
  2. If your PSU can handle GTX 470 SLI, then it is definitely the better option. But of course, wait for the release of the HD6970 and GTX 580 to see how prices rearrange. Using a GTX470 for Physx will be understating overkill..
  3. the hd5970? you mean 6970? there is already a 5970
  4. Yea, typo.
  5. As far as GTX 470 is concerned, price drops have already happened. I highly doubt that Nvidia will drop them again just because they introduce a new top level card. I would also recommend 470 SLI because it'll use less power than a 580/470 physx combo. 470 SLI should have a similar performance to the 580 if not better still.

    Also, there is nothing to indicate a hard launch of the 580 this month, it is all entirely speculation (Paper launch is far more viable).
  6. Upgrade only if your performance is inadequate. If you believe your GTX470 is being hampered by also having to do PhysX, buy a cheap GT240 for PhysX.
  7. The GTX470 SLI option will likely be best for performance and price. A single 580 for around $500 with a dedicated 470 for PhysX will be more expensive, and a waste of the 470. On the other hand, another 470 will cost less than $300, and will give better performance than a 580/470 combo.

    Since you currently have a good system with good performance, why don't you at least wait a few days until November 9th to see what the new GTX580 is all about. Reports are claiming that cards are in production and several review sites already have them in hand. All the same, it's unlikely a single card will beat two in SLI.

    By the way, I really dig playing Unreal Tournament III with hardware physics enabled. It's a blast to see body parts and shrapnel go flying when you frag someone.
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