Win 7 dvd player not running when cd is inserted

When I insert my music cd into the drive all I get in win media is a tract and 1KB showing , this is a new computer and I was wondering why it wont recognize my CDs
I would like some help , I am a senior citizen and am very proficient in computers until I came upon this one , it has me stumped!!
Thanks for any and all help
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  1. System specs?

    Do other media players see anything? I like using Media Monkey to play music, though any media player should handle a CD just fine.
  2. When you insert an audio disk into your drive then all you will see is as you described if you use Explorer to view it. You need a media playing program to listen to the music or a ripping program to copy the tracks to your computer. The Windows Media player that is installed on your computer is capable of doing both tasks.
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