my problem is that 2 days ago i build a custom PC. yesterday i bought a case fan and mounted in and it is very loud. the fan is connected to the power supply. the fan is a 120mm thermaltake. is there way to lower the noise. also the cpu fan is kind of loud but not that loud. i don't know if it normal or not. the case that i bought didn't come with one. so i bought it. one more thing should need a case fan
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    If your able to run the fan off your MB rather than the PSU you should be able to reduce the RPM's and the noise. The MB should regulate the fan speed based on temps. At times it may not even spin.
    For the CPU fan, check the bios and see if cool n quiet is enabled. If not you may want to enable that, but be aware that it will also manage your CPU's clock speed up and down based on the load.
    Hope this helps
  2. thank u for that. i have one more doubt. i have only one case fan that is 120m. how many case fans do you need and what direction should i put it. my case can support one more fan. i already put one on the back. thank u
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