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Will changing from 64 mb integrated video to a 128 or 256 mb AGP 8x video card reduce streaming video pauses, or are pauses totally related to modem & internet issues?
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  1. welcome to 2010!

    you really think someone can answer you this question with absolutely 0 information provided? what is the maximum rate at which you download files? ie. 5kb/sec 50kb/sec 500kb/sec ??
  2. I use dap and see 75-97 mb/sec, my cpu is an amd 2.08 mhz, 1.5 gb ddr ram. thks
  3. ^Umm, what's making it difficult to answer his question?

    The buffering rate and pausing has all to do with transfer rates/speeds rather than the speed/memory of a GPU. Changing the graphics card won't do much if anything at all. Stream video qualities rarely require anything demanding. You should be fine with 64mb of memory. The only time you MIGHT run into trouble is using fullscreen for your streams. But even so, you won't be seeing "pauses." Instead, you'll just see more stuttering and slowness.
  4. 75mb as in megabit? i know you're not downloading at 75megabytes/sec....75megabit is like 1500kb/sec transfers which is extremely high...if you're giving me the right #'s it's definitely not your connection, so more than likely is the lack of video processing....unfortunately without being in front of your computer to look at all the variables, i'd be unable to say that with certainty
  5. Sorry, my download speed is 75-97 kb/s not megabytes.
  6. That's a very pedestrian speed. You might simply be running into data transfer rate issues. Have you always had problems with pauses when streaming?
  7. Yes, I have win xp, some videos play well, some pause with the spinning circle.
  8. Spinning circle means it's buffering. Changing the graphics card won't improve it. You need a faster internet connection or play lower quality streams.
  9. Thank You, for saving me a $35 video card. I do not have the fastest connection, but it is not dial up. When I can afford it, I will upgrade to the fastest. Thks again.
  10. You can also usually pause the video and it will continue downloading. Wait a while and unpause the video and it will run with no problems.
  11. ^+1.Just be patient, pause the video and let the video buffer completely.Then play it and playback would be smooth.
  12. You can even search other sites and what not while it buffers without that much of a speed decrease.
    I recently had to lower my internet service, can't even play 720p video's on youtube without the constant buffering. Normally I either do 480p or wait a couple of minutes until 720p videos are nearly fully loaded.
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