Cold Boot Power Cycle


My computer has just recently started to power cycle when it has been off and transported for 10 minutes +. It will spin the fans and hdds for a second and then restart. It will continue doing this until I intervene. After about 15min of sitting and warming up, it will boot. Very frustrating.

1.Cleared Cmos
2. Disconnected components one by one
3.Checked Cables and connections
4.Hard jumped Mobo with car keys


i7 860
Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 Mobo
8gb (4x2gb)A-DATA Gaming Series DDR3
750w HX Corsair PSU
Ati 5850
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  1. Does your mobo have integrated video? If so, remove your GPU and see what happens. Also, do you have access to another PSU? Could be a flaky PSU as well.
  2. I've tried removing the GPU and it didn't help. I have also tried a different PSU and that didn't work either.
  3. Do you have the means to check your memory in another system?
  4. Also, can you enter the BIOS? If so, set it to its default configuration. Are you trying to overclock anything?
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