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Asus eah5770 cucore questions

i seem to be having some troubles here. the main issue is that movies always look somewhat pixelated, whether they are in-game prerendered movies, such as in mass effect 2 when landing on planets and such, or just playing dvds. regular gameplay looks fine, no problems at all. actually, just tried playing the same dvd with vlc player. seems to look better than when i play it in windows media. puzzleing. also, just recently installed latest drivers from asus website, and now a lot of whites seem to have a pinkish tint to them.

running windows 7 64bit, dvi input on lgw2040t lcd monitor. any possible help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    In game movies and ripped movies sometime do have this pixallation problem if you're watching them full resolutions, this is mainly because they are highly compressed and at much smaller resolutions then the monitors we watch them on.

    A good quality rip nowadays is a 720p rip since most of the monitors being produced are 1080p thus a rip of that standard as minimum doesn't get the pixellation.

    Whereas the games when you're playing them are being juiced by the GPU to attain the resolutions for the monitor, thus we use, powerful GPUs.... that's the main reason the pixellation doesn't occur then.

    VLC is known to be one of the best and lightest players around, with the amount of updating they keep going thru with, it makes the best use of every new codec available to use and intergrates it into itself to give the best possible result for video playback.
    WMP...hmmmmmmm I wouldn't say anything about that 'cos it's WMP..... heavy on the processor and way to tough on everything else plus not the deliverer of quality that we would want it to be....

    You installed drivers from the Asus site for the GPU??? Now that is something I'd advise against, it's better to get the drivers from the Chipset people, that means ATI......
    I'd suggest downloading the latest CCC and installing it. Don't update GPU drivers from the Asus site.....
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