I have core 2 quad q6600 pc set up with a geforce 8800 gt 512 mb graphics card which im still happy with its performance,
I want to improve its performance but i dont want to let go of my graphics card so im thingking what if ill buy another 8800gt
and buy a sli capable motherbard. Any suggestions or reccomendations?
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  1. I would just upgrade the card personally. Replacing a motherboard is a much more complicated procedure than replacing a video card and usually requires reinstalling Windows.
    Something like this;
    Is more powerful than SLIed 8800GTs, will have no SLI scaling/compatibility issues, can also overclock a very large amount(usually 30%+), has more current features like DX11 and is much more power efficient, especially at idle. If you ebay the 8800GT it will probably bring the total cost down to approximately what you would spend on an SLI motherboard anyway.
  2. ^+1, although I'd suggest the 1GB version of that card.
  3. The 1gb version of the card is $40-50 more and beaten by the HD6850 for less money.
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