AMD Phenom II 1055T 6-core fails mprime tests without any overclocking

Hello fellows,

I had stability issues with my system, so started digging into stress testing of various components. It turns out that it consistently fails prime95 (mprime version - for linux) even without any overclocking. Tried to bump up vcore voltage without any success - still fails. And it fails only after a few minutes of running the torture test. memtest86+ completes successfully, so doesn't look like there are any obvious memory issues.

Any ideas besides opening an RMA case with AMD and getting them send me a new CPU?

Thank you.
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  1. Which test of the three torture tests? Blend is more memory/NB, while the other two focus more on the core.

    What about your ram? What is it running at? memtest will usually pick out defective ram, however it sometimes doesn't throw errors if good ram is clocked too high (or too tight timings).

    And finally, what VCore is the chip defaulting to. Defective CPUs are pretty rare, so you want to be certain it has to be the CPU before sending it back.

    Also, try other programs such as LinX if you can.
  2. Thanks for ideas. After lots of frustration the issue was finally resolved. It turned out to be RAM, even though it passed memtest. Replaced OCZ sticks with Crucial with the same timings and everything is OK now. It did fail large FFT test and was stable on small FFTs.
  3. Glad you got it fixed. Enjoy!
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