[SOLVED] Optical Sata recognized on bios. Sata HDD isn't recognized.

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I'm fixing a friends computer and it seems I've hit a stall here. I'm trying to install a Barracuda LP 1tb to his Athlon XP 1500+ (almost impossible old). The issue is that the HDDs (tested two different ones) aren't being recognized on the bios (1003-002 on an ASUS A7V400-MX SE). First I though it could be an issue with the sata controller, but I've decided to test on an optical drive. It seems that the mobo loves optical drives and hates hdds. I don't have an IDE hdd to test.
Weird thing is that even changing the sata cables and power I can't make the hdds be recognized on the bios, so I can't install any OS.
At first I though it could be something related to drivers but Windows 7, Vista and XP won't install cuz thereare 'no drives installed'.
Since the bios only recognizes the optical drive (dvd) I'm out of options.

Why it finds the dvd but won't find the hdd?
HDDs tested:
- Baracuda LP 1tb, 3"5
- Momentus 500gb, 2"5. :cry:
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  1. You might try resetting the BIOS to factory default by removing the battery and jumpering the 'clear cmos' pins. (See manual)
  2. Also, make sure SATA is 'enabled' in BIOS. Page 56, section 2.5.5 in the manual.
  3. you got the latest bios board support xp link for all dowloads of the board also read the use manual http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&p=1&m=A7V400-MX+SE&hashedid=ESSvRnW6XOdQOgli
  4. I'm sure it's not a driver issue, but something else entirely.
    The bios is up to date because I updated it by booting Hiren's boot cd.
    Sata is enabled on bios because the board recognizes the sata dvd on both ports.
    The 2"5 hdd is working on my usb case.
    The 3"5 hdd was working on my other desktop.
    Maybe those hdds are sata ii only?
  5. Solved.... It was 'missing' a jumper..
    My first time jumping a sata drive..
  6. A jumper?
  7. This:
  8. That's a first for me too.
  9. I know, right?
    Looking at the HDD manual I saw that by jumping it the HDD would operate as SATA I only instead of some sort of compatibility mode.

    To live is to learn.. Good thing I love this type of problems. I feel good by solving them. BTW, Windows Seven won't even install. Had to go XP.
  10. How old is the HDD? Wonder why Windows 7 won't install?
  11. The desktop itself is old. the hdd is just over one year old.
    athlon xp 1500, 1gb ram, onboard 16mb video. probably because of the video card.
    The hdd is one Seagate Barracuda LP 1TB. Too much hdd for the old machine? LOL.
  12. If the BIOS recognizes the full 1TB size, I wouldn't think Win7 would have any issues with using it for installation. What was the reason the installation pgm gave for failing?
  13. It didn't fail at all.
    The instalation was frozen on the background image of the install. Left it hang there for about 4hs+ and nothing happened, and the install was tried using the sata dvd and an usb drive, both with the same result, so, windows xp it is..
  14. OK. Then the fail wasn't the fault of the HDD. It was incompatibilty with the older motherboard. If you're using the integrated video, it's probably the chipset that is too old.

    Maybe an inexpensive modern video card and turning off on-board video in BIOS would allow a Win7 install to work. If you feel it's worth it.
  15. Not my call to make. My friend wants to give this old machine to his son. And I have an old Radeon x1600 laying around to test this..
  16. because the age of the motherboard and hte bios it wont accept directly the 1 tb drive http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Hard-Disk-Drives-Capacity-Limits/482/2
  17. scout_03 said:
    because the age of the motherboard and hte bios it wont accept directly the 1 tb drive http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Hard-Disk-Drives-Capacity-Limits/482/2
    1 question: Did I say that the issue was a capacity issue?
    My problem is not related at all with the article you posted. And this motherboard does recognizes up to 2tb. My real issue was that the HDD was SATA II and the mobo accepts only SATA I..
  18. If you are refering to the possibility that a SATA 2 HDD won't work on a SATA 1 motherboard, I don't think that is an issue. SATA protocols are backward compatible as far as I know.
  19. Well, it should but I still had to use a jumper to force "Sata 1 transfers" to the HDD be recognized.
  20. How can I select the "best answer" if the answer was mine? :D
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