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Is this graphics compatible with my computer?

Im planning to buy a new gfx card since my old one has hardly any internal memory on it to run games with a smooth fps.
The graphics card I plan to buy is:

"Galaxy 43GGS8HX3SPZ GeForce GT 430 Video Card - 1024MB GDDR3, PCI-Express 2.0, DVI, HDMI, VGA DirectX 11."
Item Number: G458-0430
Model: 43GGS8HX3SPZ

My system specs are:

HP Pavilion a6333w Desktop PC
Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
Slot type PCI or PCI Express x16 (one of the two not sure)
500Gb hardisk (500Gb slave drive & 1t external drive)
4Gb ram (8Gb via readyboost)
3.25 Ghz Intel processor

My monitor is VGA and HDMI compatible so it doesnt matter if the port is VGA or HDMI.

I make movies and games on my PC and am VERY limited to a 258 Mb gfx card so can someone please tell me if this new card im planning to buy will work with my PC, i would hate to install it just to find i have a new door stopper :sol:
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  1. yes
  2. Ok, thanks ;)
  3. I just need the card to have 1gb of intern mem and shader models, physx, etc... Oh and know that it works. Im very sure the power supply will handle it, my computer wasn't the cheapest thing on the shelf when bought so that beefy price had to come from somewhere on it ;)
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    Double and triple check everything before purchase ;) It's the best way to avoid surprises and unexpected costs.

    Your PSU (power supply unit) needs to be AT LEAST 500W with two 6-pin connectors. Note that 450/460/470/480 are power-hungry beasts and can easily fry cheap PSU-s :P

    4xx series heat up really fast, pay some attention to the case ventilation too.

    460 will do just fine for your needs.
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