Integrated graphics vs dedicated video card (non-gaming related)

If I were to compare two computers with basically the same parts with the exception the video card, how would the two computers perform on day to day tasks? (non-gaming related) Would there be any significant difference in having a card vs using integrated graphics?

I am also curious to see benchmarks displaying the performance advantages to having a dedicated video card vs integrated graphics but I am having trouble finding some.

I apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong section/has been asked.
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  1. If your not gaming then there would be very little difference/ if any when performing day to day tasks (2D).
  2. Don't waste your money if you are not gaming.

    The only exception is if you are using your PC to watch HD video, then you will benefit from a low cost ($50 - $60) video card to offload some of the overhead from your CPU and it will have better algorithms and actual hardware to provide improved video quality.
  3. Although It wont really have too much effect currently on the performance of your system, more and more systems are actually tapping into the power of the gpu. Basically in the future it might be a good idea but right now you need not buy one.

    for the benchmarks take a look at this,2030-12.html
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