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Hello Everyone,
This is my first post so please forgive me if this message is an incorrect forum. Here is my situation I have a custom built computer that is about 6 years old. It had been running fine until one morning I noticed my computer had turned off overnight. Upon trying to start the computer the fans would start for a second and then stop. I naturally thought it was the power supply and upon changing it all the fans (processor fan, video fan) started functioning, my motherboard states "FF" but I get no display on my monitor. I have taken out the RAM and just tired running the computer within a single stick but that doesn't help either. I have taken the parts out (video card, ram, dvd rom, etc) and reconnected with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can get my computer functioning again?

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  1. What motherboard?
  2. I don't have all of the specs because it is a custom built computer but here is what I remember...

    Asus Motherboard
    AMD processor
    3 GB RAM
    NVIDIA 7800 GT Video Card
  3. See if you can find out what the "FF" means. Check everything is plugged in correctly.
  4. Boot it up with no ram or video card, does it beep?

    By FF i assume you have a 'POST' card and you see it cycling thru the various number or you have that built right into the motherboard?
  5. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? If that does not work a failing power supply could have fried your mobo. This would not happen to be an Ibuypwer PC would it? I have seen this happen with their stuff before. They tend to leave a cheap power supply that comes with the case in their builds unless you spec something better.
  6. Interesting, I have the same problem with my Elite GF7100PVT-M3 Motherboard, E8400 Dual Core CPU. Removed Mem modules and hard drive. Beeps continuously but no display. Tried clearing CMOS, removing the battery, and putting all of them together.

    When mem and graphics card plugged in, no beep.
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