Blue screen of death!

I just woke my new(homebuilt) computer up from sleep mode and as soon as I tried to log on it gave me a blue screen of death. I'm running a virus scan right now and it's only found 3 cookies, an advertising cookie, an atwola cookie, and a yieldmanager cookie. I don't know if it's my hardware or a virus and I haven't done anything else yet. That was the first time it did that and it's working fine right now, it booted into windows normally and it seems fine but I just want to know if there's anything I should do and if anything is wrong with my computer. Please help!!!!!

My specs:
evga gts 450
4gb G.SKILL ripjaws @1600
Samsung Spinpoint 320gb
AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black edition
Rosewill challenger case
Cooler master cpu cooler
Corsair 550w Power supply
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  1. drivers?
  2. pretty sure I updated all of 'em. Which driver would do that?
  3. Out of RAM causes BSOD, I think i got one with those crappy ATI drivers, I had to downgrade to get rid of it, maybe not your case though, if you can boot into windows fine now, i think that you'll be OK and that nothing may be wrong... btw i've had loads of BSODs... no problems...
  4. There are a few known issues with 64 bit OS waking from sleep mode....; search the threads here, I've seen a few workarounds....
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