Display problems (Need Help Please)

I need some help with my PC display.
I Have a Toshiba A100 notebook with win XP SP3 and few weeks ago my graphic card burned (nvida GO7600). I still can work with the pc in default Windows video driver (VGASAVE). The question is:

My monitor is a 1280x800 resolution and this default video mode doesnt show on monitor propreties any resolucion higher than 1024x768. Is any way to tweak or change any system file related to display so i can use my monitor native reolucion (1280x800)?

Thaks a lot.
James (dmdps@sapo.pt)
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  1. unfortunately you will not be able to do anything to get ur monitor to display at native res because you are not using your graphics car with the drivers. the only way you will be able to get the system to function normally would be to replace the graphics card so you can properly use the drivers. Good luck
  2. thnks for the tip, but i´ll be satisfied with the anwser if in other operating systems (like ubuntu) the same will apeen, but in ubuntu i can have the monitor native res with is generic video driver, (not nvidia drv) and others tha win doesnt permit.

    Thanks anyway.
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