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I built this computer couple months ago and since then the computer has been running kind of sluggish. I think it might be my memory running slow maybe due to incompatibility with the motherboard? I'm not really sure but I don't think the memory is running at its potential and causing the computer to slow down. I have tried re-installing windows twice but it didnt help either.

Boot-up time is also slow compared to my friend's computer which was just a dual-core, which i built a month using a different model gigabyte motherboard. The boot-screen stays on screen forever and then sometimes gets frozen if i restart the computer and have to turn it off and turn it back on.


G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB

When I run CPU-Z It shows
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  1. Well,,, according to CPU-Z your ram is running at it's advertised speed 2x 800=1600,,, soooo your problem is elsewhere, possibly a badly fraged hdd or swapfile, BTW,, you can do without a swapfile in windoze 32 as it can only see 4g of ram, your choice tho, get a hold of CPU-Z and take a look see at what your CPU is doing, never know..Maybe your hdd is dying..??...:)
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