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Okay, so I just built a new PC for myself.

I turn it on, all the fans come on - the case fans, CPU fan, video card fan..., the DVD player opens, the HDD seems to be running...

but the (non-USB) keyboard, USB mouse and monitor are not responding to the system. No blinky lights, no nothing. Also the power LED doesn't come on, even though I am pretty sure I have it plugged into the right place on the MB.

What didn't I connect correctly? HELP!
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  1. No, i didn't. Thanks. I think it's probably the standoffs, as I didn't pay any attention to them. Hope I didn't damage anything... :)
  2. ^ Ya hopefully,...
  3. Also check the 4/8 pin cpu power connector. sounds like that could be your problem.
  4. It was the RAM - it wasn't in the MB well enough. Newbie mistake :P

    Thanks for the help guys!
  5. Glad you fixed it. First time I put RAM in I was surprised how much force it took. If you don't already know, it seems like too much.
  6. ^ Ya glad its fixed,... Good that you dint have any DOA else it would have been worse,... Enjoy your build,...
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