I7 gaming RAM??? no idea

hey guys
i bought my parts as follows
i7 920 (@4.11ghz) on Coolit Vantage (this is what i previously own)
GIGABYTE EX58-UDR3 (also previously owned)
Sliverstone RV01
Silent pro Gold 1000watt CM
60 GB Vertex 2 x2 in stripped RAID
2tb Segate 7200RPM HDD
but when it got to ram i was had no clue so i was hoping someone could help me out
G.Skill F3-12800CL6T-6GBPI (3x2GB) DDR3 i saw this ram but couldnt find a review or a Thread about it anywhere (didnt look hard enough:P)
so wats good DDR3 triple channel Ram for under 140 USD??
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    How about getting one of these three -
  2. Corsair Vengance 3 x 2gb @ 1600mhz - JOB DONE! :)
  3. wat does CL6 and CL9 stand for does it make a difference cause i am about to go for the Vengance 6GB
  4. is this good ram if so is it worth getting? and yes i live in Australia
  5. CL = case latency.

    the lower the faster.

    go for CL6

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