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A friend of mine brought his PC over because he was having display issues. The computer would power on but would have no display, there were also no beeps after POST. Having no beeps I immediately assume that it was a mobo or psu, but I decided to try video card (easier things first). I swapped in an old Nvidia 7800GT and immediately got display. Friend buys a new graphics card (GTX 460), I put it in and get NO display again. I swap in a PSU later on and it works, I get display. Friend buys new PSU (Corsair 600W GS 50 or 52A Single Rail, cant remember), a week or two later his PC is doing same thing again. So now I am thinking perhaps its not enough amps or power for the graphics card, seeing his is 19a and the card requires 24a. Could this perhaps be a bad motherboard? Sorry for the lengthy post, wanted to make sure I got the situation down. Any help concerning this would be greatly appreciated!

Mobo: Asus P5K/EPU
Ram: OCZ DDR2 1066 4GB Reaper
CPU: Core2Quad
Graphics: 9800 GTX+ (old) / 7800GT (swapped) / GTX 460 (New)
PSU: OCZ 600SXS (old) / CoolerMaster Real Power Pro (swap) / Corsair 600 GS (New)

Note: Will have more specs when I get them in full. The old PSU had 18amps over 4 rails and the new had 50a on a single rail, both of which seemed to have more than enough wattage.
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