Help please!!!

hi, everybody am new to the site.
i've been reading a lot of the post and reviews and they all very nice gives a lot of advice and help but am trying to get myself a decent graphic card since i just went to put up a computer :
Core2 Duo + 2Gb Ram ... i went looking for a 9600GT all round (in stores) couldn't find one and all i can get is:

Palit GT240 1Gb / GT220 / GT210
Palit 8400GS 512
8500GT 512
Ati HD5450/5670

actually these cards are in my budget range since i really can't afford good cards like the HD5770 or higher so i need some help please any advice on what can provide me some good gaming or if you might suggest any other most welcome!!!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Between those cards,HD 5670 is the fastest choice.So go for it
  2. Okay thnx for the tip and reply!!!
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