No 6 pin on Gigabyte 4650?

Ok i got a ATI 4650 HD 1Gb Pcie version and im gonna get a new psu soon, it has a x2 +12 lines. I checked around and behind of the card in my comp and i didnt find a 6 pin power supply for the card? or i just failed to see? o.0
Currently it's just feeding of mobo.

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  1. I don't get it.
    The card doesn't require external power, what's the problem ?
  2. I guess not. Some sites are weird. on FutureShop they said "Power Supply Requirements: 450 Watts or greater with 75 Watts 6-pin PCI Express power connector (550 Watt & two 6-pin connectors for dual ATI CrossFireX)"
  3. it must be the sites error than... they said it req. 6 pin power supply 75w ><

    EDIT: delete this last post. I thot it didnt post? o.O
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