HP unfair?

I've been looking into getting a new laptop that comes with decent graphics and the only company that sells a discrete graphics card cheap seems to be HP.
The thing is that HP sells identical models of the DV6 pavillion with both AMD and Intel systems that you can customize and the default cpu for the Intel system is a core i3 380M cpu and for the AMD a V160 cpu.

What I find extremely unfair is that for the Intel system the optional HD6550 GPU costs only 36 dollars while for the AMD system it costs 100 dollars! If you want to upgrade the anemic V160 it costs an additonal 50 dollars for a X2 Athlon pu.
I think AMD systems are cheaper overall than Intel so I don't know what HP is doing here except a blatant ploy to discourage AMD sales in their laptops.
This is from HP's Japanese website not the US.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Did you write to them?
  2. For the intel its +100 for the Radeon 6490M and +125 for the 6770M. And for the AMD system its +50 for the 6370M and +100 for the 6550m.

    I just checked the US site fwiw.
  3. AMD fell behind in the Laptop race. Intel makes a more efficient, cooler processor.
  4. AMD just destroyed the Intel Atom with the Zacate and in a few weeks will destroy the mobile i3/i5 with the Llano.
  5. yep, AMD fans. Sure they did. Well, while you live in Pandora, I live in the real world, and these are the facts. I don't care if AMD destroyed the Atom. Good. That oversized motherboard weight needed to go away. All of Intel's i-series were better suited anyways. If your concern if for battery life, don't get a discrete GPU or get one that can be turned off, similar to what the Alienware laptops have.
  6. power supply, power supplied. Heat created, cores existed. i7 FTW

    For our special people who don't understand what I just posted: I meant the amount of power needed versus the amout of power you get out of the processor. The size is smaller, thus the heat is lower, and all the while, getting all of your cores you can use, versus AMD fans telling you that you don't need more than two.
  7. deleted.
  8. joshyboy82 said:
    AMD fell behind in the Laptop race. Intel makes a more efficient, cooler processor.

    That's besides the point. The HD6550 should cost the same for both platforms but it's not. I don't really think it's a level playing field and despite the AMD system starting out cheaper than Intel's when you add the discrete graphics the total system cost is more than Intel's even if you stick with the stock cpu!
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