Need help! I messed up my dual boot

Okay, hopefully someone can help me. I'm pretty sure I screwed up royally. I have been running a win7/ubuntu dual boot on my pc for awhile now. However I decided to put ubuntu on a separate hardrive and had to install a program called "easyBSD" in order to have a boot screen when I start my computer up. No big deal program worked great with no issues. Here's where I think I made a huge mistake; today I decided that I don't use ubuntu with enough frequency to justify keeping a dual boot setup, so I deleted the ubuntu partition on my hardrive through win7. Once that was complete I turned my computer off and forgot to delete the "easyBSD" program. Now everytime I boot up I get an error message and then I'm asked to enter a grub rescue command.

Have I completely screwed up? Is there any options other than reinstalling my win7? Is there any redemption for a bone headed mistake? Lol any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would post a link to this thread specifically in the Linux area; they 'might' be able to devise a GRUB solution allowing default to Win7 OS...

    My less technical solution would be to delete all partions and start over, but, I suspect that is what you are trying to avoid. :)
  2. thanks for the advice, actually all I needed to do was reload Ubuntu back onto the same hard drive space I deleted it from. Apparently the Ubuntu boot loader takes priority over windows 7's boot loader. So everything is back online however now I can't figure out how to fully remove unbuntu from my hard drive and default back to the Windows 7 boot loader.
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