Wrong Ram for computer build?

Just getting started building computers. I have done 6 so far with now issues. The recent one that I am on is using a ASUS Rampage III Extreme and a Intel Core I7 950 (customers choice). This was a little stupid on my part but instead of looking at Intel sight for recommend ram I ordered based on what the board could handle. I purchased Kingston HyperX DDR3 2000. Intel says DDR3 800/1066. Would this hurt anything including performance if I just go ahead and run the DDR 2000?
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  1. Your mem is rated to DDR3/2000 at certain CAS timings/latencies, with a given voltage; your MB will certianly allow you to run at 1333, 1666, likely up to 2100 over a fairly wide range of freqs/ CAS timings/latencies; sometimes 1666 at faster timings is superior to 1800/2000+ with slower timings...

    No problem running it at lower freqs whatsoever...
  2. Thank you very much. The computers that I have built are all on the higher end so this has never been an issue that I even knew to think about! Learning daily. The onlt thing it hurt was the cost. I will have to eat that. Thanks again.
  3. Should I leavethe timmings set to what the bios sets it at? If I set the timmings to meet the ram would this help or hurt since I'm way pass what the cpu will use?
  4. You didn't really make a mistake, unless you only bought 2 sticks; X58 mainboards are best with 3 sticks run in 'triple channel' operation. A quick review of recent X58 Rampage reviews will show you optimum settings for your mem, wether it be at DDR3/2000 or 1333/1666. etc...

    A review of the Kingston specs for your modules will likely tell you which CAS timings have been tested at what DDR3 freqs with a given voltage...
  5. Thanks mdd1963. 6 sticks at 2g. Lots of video editing and 3D modeling. I will check into this through ASUS.
  6. Here is a review at HardOCP of the Rampage III...


    ENjoy, good motherboard!
  7. Thanks
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