First time gaming build for serious gaming

I am building a rig for doing some serious gaming and for normal home work like watching movies. I am working on an extreme budget and i am not sure whether my selections are quite sufficient so i would value any technical expertise and yes i can understand technical details quite well so complex answers better :) I want to play games like Crysis and assasins creed and civilization 5 also most important i want this sytem to last at least 3 years. :)

Intel i5 760 2.8Ghz quad core
Gskill 2x2GB 1033 DDR3 1.5v
Coolermaster 500GX PSU
Coolermaster RC430 Elite casing
Viewsonic 20" LED 900p
EVGA GTX460 superclocked 1GB

Is this good and i would greatly appreciate if anyone could find any incompatibility of items in this list.

Thanks a lot.
Pasindu S Perera
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  1. First... LGA 1156 is at the end of its lifecycle. There will be no CPU upgrade "down the road" with this platform. Additionally, Sandy Bridge (LGA 1155) components will be out in the next few days / weeks which will put new hardware at today's pricing (expected anyway). If going with an Intel build, it would be best to with a Sandy Bridge build.

    That being said, your components look good. Which PSU is that (link please)? If you wanted to budget cut further, you can look at an AMD build. An AM3 platform with a Phenom II X4 is a good choice. 945 if overclocking...
  2. Thanks sadams04 for the reply but in my country it is very hard o find AMD CPUs and i dont think that the sandybridge line will be coming very soon to us as 1156 came bout 3 months back only. But will waiting for sandy bridge be better or would the i5 suffice for another 3 years with current trends?
    Link for PSU:

    So what you mean is that when i want to make a CPU upgrade i will have to get a new motherboard too :(

    But wouldnt the GPU help to reduce workload on CPU increasing the overall processing power resulting in a longer usage period?

    Thanks again.
  3. That i5 will be fine for a 3 year investment. Going with Sandy Bridge will cost about the same, but will show performance gains.

    The i5 760 is toward the top of the LGA1156 platform CPUs. If you want performance past this level in a few years, then your options will be to overclock or go with a new platform for performance / cost ratio reasons.
  4. so my best option to save cash is to overclock when i am finding the i5 is lagging behind the newer CPUs, 760 can go 4GHz on air with no temp prob and since GPU is also heavily oc'd then i guess i can survive a bit more. :) Will the PSU last for bout 4 years with bout 4 hours usage everyday?
  5. That PSU is plenty to power your system, but no one knows how long it will last. Didn't see the effeciency rating so I would recommend another with 80+%. Maybe...

    SeaSonic 620W =>
    Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified


    Antec 650W =>
    Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified
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