Intel i5 2500k Sandy Bridge-CPU usage

I just put a build together that includes and i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k @3.3 CPU with 8gb RAM and a new GeForce GTX 560 ti GPU.

I am also running a 64 bit version of Windows 7..

My problem is my CPU usage is almost always above 60% and when I run a game (SC2) it is very laggy. Also, if the lag gets really bad the computer just shut off entirely.

Any ideas on a fix? I tried installing the i5 drivers on intel's website but it said I do not meet system requirements.
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  1. can you run memtest? make sure you dont have a bad chip in your ram.
  2. First thing I recommend is to check the temps. in case the cooler is installed badly, download and run CPUID HWMonitor or similar. If thats all OK what power supply do you have and what programs have you installed other than windows and start craft. Also run task manager and look ar processes to see what is using the CPU.
  3. Ok ill test those now.

    I also have portal and CSS installed which i still get about 10-30 fps :[

    and here is the power supply I am using.

    CPU is running around 95C...
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    CPU temperature is the problem!
    95 is way too hot. You should not want to really see it go above 80c
    Reinstall your cooler (it might not be seated properly), and if that doesn't help much, get an aftermarket cooler.
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  6. Awesome! works great now!

    Thanks a lot
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