Hp dc 5800 small form factor & Ati hd 4650

I have a dc 5800 small form factor pc,


and i want to install a low profile, low power graphic card, i have chosen ATI HD 4650


and calculated power usage from here


my question is that In the specifications of my my pc it says that the max power supplied to the PCIe x 16 slot is 25W.......this can't be right?

especially if they recommend ati hd 4550 as an aftermarket option for graphic update??

what should i do?
and what if the recommended psu is less than available psu by 20 watts?
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  1. I have a Dell Optiplex 745
    It is also SFF
    It has a 280w PSU
    I use a HD4650 that I overclock with no problems
    My specs also said 25w for PCI-E but I believe that is continous not max
    Max wattage for a PCI-E is 75watts
    the HD4650 draws 60watts at max
    I also power 1 overclock Core2Duo,4 sticks of ram,1 HD,1 DVDRW,2 extra fans,1 external USB hard drive,1 Asus souind card,plus other USB devices
    and has been running 24/7 since December with no problems

    You should be fine but of course make sure you have a good return policy
    just to be careful
  2. i read somewhere that the graphic cards with hdmi port disable the onboard sound,
    is it true?
    what if i want to do the reverse i.e. keep the onboard sound functional..
  3. go to start menu-control panel-sound options- you can select your playback device and make it default

    when you install the card your default onboard sound will stay the same
    but if you need to change it then use sound options
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