New build, need opnions


guys im from brazil and stuff here are way too expansive, so im going to US for 15 days on vacation and im looking foward to build my new PC for gaming.

My budget its U$600 but all i need is mobo, cpu, memory, vga (all i need.. tsk.. praticaly the whole system lol)

soo after lots and lots of research i finally have my build but i want opnions because well... its always good to hear sugestions from the comunity..


EXPLANATION: because of the price and features, also im not looking to crossfire, but i am looking to OC.


EXPLANATION: Just highly recommended and im a big fan of AMD.


EXPLANATION: Now this is where gets tricky, i want a good memory but also high performance, i've always been a fan of Corsair but the comments on newegg are brutal on the Corsair memory that i wanted. so i went for g.skill because of the ratings but im a little scare since ill have to change the latency and voltage on the bios for this memory to work, and i've never done that b4. And i just dont know if this is the right one, dont feel 100% secure about my choice.


EXPLANATION: OK, this is the main product of my build. I was going for HD6870 also from sapphiretech but i look at the review here at toms and was desapointed because i was in love with the card since i first heard from it. so i chose the HD6950 because went better than the hd5870 (which i was also keeping my eye on.) on the review and is also from AMD/ATI.

Links of the articles and review which i based my choice here from toms:,2803.html,2818.html

PS.: Ok so this is it, hope to hear from u guys soon, because im going on the 9th.

Also im well awared that newegg its only online but, im going to put my delivery adress to my hotel and im making the build 1 day b4 the trip.(sry to say that but i've talked to some americans about this topic b4 and most of them toldl me that newegg's are online shop only)
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  1. Don't need a 965 processor, the X4 955 is identical. Save the money and just up the multiplier in the BIOS yourself.

    I don't link MSI. Their support is nonexistent, and their boards have a decent failure rate.

    For the same price you can get this Asus Mobo with same features

    or a xfire Mobo w/o USB 3 and SATA 6

    Ripjaw DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 $70, $60 w/ promo code, ends today

    GPU choice is great. In fact, you can potentially turn it into a 6970 with a BIOS flash.
  2. unfortunally i cant buy this memory now because the hotel will not hold the package until i get there. but thx for the tip.

    also what about this mb?

    what do u think? its 10 dolars more expansive but it looks pretty good
  3. It's fine. Though it doesn't actually offer more for the money, since second PCIe slot is x4.
  4. yea... but im not planning on do crossfire, thats why its more important the usb 3 and data 6gps
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