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I've seen this question asked in other threads, but only after installing it in a case and hooking it into the mobo and/or case fans. So this post will surely make me the Super N00b of this board. But here goes...
Building my first rig in the near future, I bought a Cooler Master HAF-922 and an Antec Earthwatts 650W PSU at Fry's. Before doing anything else with the PSU (which has a big fan on it), I plugged it into two different outlets and toggled the switch. Nothing. The fan doesn't turn on. I also tried connecting one of the HAF case fans. Is it safe to assume it's DOA? (And if so, does this sort of thing happen often?) Thanks in advance and feel free to point and laugh. :sol:
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    it needs to be connected to a mobo, you can also do the paper clip trick (see the link)
    its a good PSU by the way
  2. The fan won't spin until the PSU is under a certain load.. Install all the components, run some system stressing benchmark and check again..
  3. Thanks, ct and Emperus. I will try the paper clip test tonight. MUCHAS GRACIAS!
  4. Hello Digitalhecht, I would go out and pick up a psu tester, to see if your psu is working before you put your computer together. You can pick them up for cheap at your local computer store or through tigerdirect web site.
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  6. Thanks, ace. I had the unit in my car on its way back to Fry's. I just brought it inside and tried the paper clip test, and voila: It works. Thanks to all who responded. If it's not already, the paper clip test should be a sticky. This is the first in what I'm sure will be many more questions. Looking forward to learning from you all.
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