GTX 460 1gb driver crashing very often

Is anyone having problem with the GTX 460 getting a BSOD display driver crash very often? Or know of this being a general problem? I've recently updated the driver to the newest one from a clean install (used driver sweeper et all), but still getting crashes. Usually happens a lot for TF2, but has happened with other games, too.
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  1. Nope thats not normal. Was this computer stable prior ?
    You might want to list the rest of your components, PSU.
    If the system is o/c, dial it back.
  2. E8400 3.0
    2 gigs of RAM
    600watt PSU
    Win XP
    Nothing is overclocked

    It was stable when I was using my 8800GT, but since switching to GTX 460 it's been crashing more often than 8800GT (but rarely) and now I'm crashing very often after getting the latest driver.
  3. Could be your power supply is not the best and that it may not be giving your new vid card the juice it needs. Could be xp, but more knowledgable posters will have to say for sure, causing some sort of conflict or incompatability.
  4. im not a pro on this but check under devices manager and check if there are any Exclamation (!) marks on any and resolve the problem if there are. im thinking about the driver conflicts but who knows. good luck! and u did get the 260.99?
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