Good 100-150 dollar video cards?

Hi, I wanted to ask. Which videocards between the 100 and 150 dollar mark you think I should buy ? I'm looking on ebay for used ones but i don't which 1 to pick.
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  1. Ebay can be a lottery. Sometimes you can grab a $200-300 card for $150. But without knowing the details of your system and what you use it for it is impossible to recommend a card.
  2. Well, seeing as to how you neglected any specs for the pc you wish to upgrade the best i can do is offer you this link.

    Now if you list your pc specs, it will be much easier to help you out.
  3. Ah sorry, I have

    4GB's of Ram
    NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI
    Core2Duo 2.2ghz (Will change this to a quad with the vidcard upgrade)
  4. You might try READING Tom's hardware video card selections each month...
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