Ferengie replacement in a STAR TREK game needed

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i am playing the Starfleet in this game. Q the host asked me to publish
this message:
I'm looking for a replacement player for a special game for VGA Planets
It is the second version of a 100% StarTrek scenario in the VPL
environment I've hosted two years ago. The game features a custom
starmap, a very custom shiplist and a few addons to realize races
(some, not all features of the AddOns Jupiter, Unity, ExploreMap and
Starbase+ are used).

It's not only a VPL game but has also a strong emphasis on role
parts -
there are 11 "races" in the StarTrek universe
(Starfleet, Jem'Hadar, Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, Borg, Tholians,
Species 8472, Cardassians, Bajorans and Breen), and there is a "leader"
the Ferengi needed in the game.
Playing in this game includes not only doing your turns regularily, but
writing emails in order to write/continue/support the story line (some
examples can
be studied on the game web site).
The possibilities of a player are not limited to only the VPL ones,
you can also develop further non-VPL-ish ideas
(spying on races, develop technologies, assassinations.. you are free).
Those can be realized by a host (me :-) ) that will be able to
the game data every turn..

Ok, enough words - if you're interested, take a look at my web site -
there you'll find all information you need.
(if you don't really know what to expect from "ingame communication",
go to the link for the OLD ST-game
and then go to Games/Read Mails).
Hostruns are scheduled once a week, but don't forget that this is
meant to be the time for writing/replying emails also!

I am looking for a a greedy Ferengi Grand Nagus - so if
you want to play the Ferengi in this game, write an email to


Further info about the game:
Cloning will be turned OFF in this game, but you may acquire alien
technology by research (handled via email as "special action")

The positon of the Ferengi in the game is ok (considering the Alpha
Quadrant races are - in general - a little lower than the "evil races"
since the evil races are lower in numbers), the Alpha Quadrant is
between some races, and the Ferengi holds their fair part of this.
not the strongest military,
but in a game without real danger of Lokis, a Ferengi's robbing can be
quite devastating (a few Borg cubes
and Dominion battle cruisers already learned that lesson). And the
have good "connections" to... hm, people
outside the legal frame some other races are limited to ;)
The race has taken a little "damage" due to a player occupied with RL
(don't take this game too light.. once a week
plus emails isn't meant to be only half an hour per week), but I'll
out as a game master as much as I can.
The replacement player will receive a full briefing about the events
now (a, BTW, it's turn
87 now).

Interested? Then don't hesitate, contact me! :)
Your personal Q"

Only ask if you are interesed in keeping the strong alliance with
Starfleet :)
here is the email of the host:

s t a r - t r e k [at] g m x . n e t
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