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I have a wireless router connected to a cable modem working fine for 2 years. It has one PC connected thru a etherlink cable and 2 laptops connecting thru wireless. I added a server to the router again connected with an etherlink cable. The application running on it required me to get a static IP from my ISP. That setup went fine and we are connected thru the staic IP to the outside world. My question is the following. I only require the server to have the staic ip associated with it not the other 3 computers but when i check, all of them show the same IP. Can the router give the other 3 a different ip so my server is unique withe the static ip?
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  1. You only get one public IP from your ISP. I guess you're checking your IPs externally that's why it's showing the same public IP on all three hosts and not their private IPs. Your router is using network address translation (NAT). Tons of information on the net about NAT if you care to seek it out, but basically it means all of the computers on your home network looks like one host on the internet. The private IPs, as in the IPs that come up when you run 'ipconfig' are your private IPs and are only usable within your home network... if that makes sense.

    NAT shouldn't be a problem for what you're trying to do, post the details if you're still having trouble with it.
  2. You need to set up port forwarding on your router to get internet traffic that is seeking that server, to the right place.

    You are probably seeing the single IP by going to or something similar.
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