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Hi I currently have an Asus p755d-e pro mobo, and am using onboard audio through an optical cable to my Triton ax 720 headsets. However, the sound quality isn't near what it used to be when I played on Xbox/ps3, and it doesn't even sound as if it's digital. I have a proper receiver/ 7.1 speaker layout for my living room, and just wanted quality 5.1 surround sound on my pc, mainly for games. I just upgraded to 480 sli and bought a new haf x case, so I really don't want to spend a lot of money on sound equipment. What should I do? Can I even output digital through an optical cable, which my headset uses? Thanks
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  1. Basically I'm not trying to go buy another receiver, another set of speakers, etc. I already spent hundreds on the living room speaker setup and don't want to the same. I just want to know the most efficient way to either get 5.1 sound, or get my current headset to emulate it. It has a pc/720 amp switch. When I used it on consoles, the 720 amp switch provided emulated 5.1, and it sounded great. On the pc, only the pc setting works and its not digital. Would a sound card fix this? Or should I get a sound card/ speaker combo? Thanks
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    If you want a low cost headphone solution
    look at the Asus Xonar DG
    It is about $35 with shipping included from Newegg
    It has a headphone amp which supports Dolby Headphone surround
    It has a front panel AC97 connection for your front panel headphone input
    if you have one
    If you connect headphone to card you do lose the regular audio output
    since the headphone out is same as front out.
    here is link to google with reviews,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=306ff18b2f1a3a6b

    It is the best CHEAP card out there for sound
    there is obviously better cards but for headphones and 5.1 this one
    is good

    I know you can output 5.1 with optical but I am not sure of
    The DG does also have an optical Toslink out

    If you want something better than look at the other Asus cards
    The Xonar DX is nice also and the Essence is top of the line
    Best sound cards for the money
    Auzentech also makes nice cards but I believe they are pricey
  3. Would that work with my current headset( Tritton ax 720)?
  4. i cant say for sure since I never owned a pair :)
    but what I do know is that the DG has selectable OHM setting for headphones
    32ohms for earbuds for example
    also I know it supports Dolby Headphone Surround
    here is one of the reviews from the link i posted
    does the Tritton use 1/8 inch analogue connections (standard small headphone plug)
  5. I got to do a virus cleaning and printer install onsite
    I will check back later
  6. I just use the optical output for now, but when I use it out of my mobo, I cant' use the amp for the headset. I guess I need a dedicated sound card + a new headset. Any good semi-cheap combos anyone know of?
  7. Does anyone have any good sound card/headphone combinations for 5.1 surround sound? My current headphones mimic it but it doesn't sound like stereo. As much as I love the crisp graphics on my pc, sound is a huge part of immersion, and my current setup doesn't compare to my home theater. I would like headphones because my pc is in the room and I need a way to play when the wife is asleep. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. BTW both of my pci-e slots on my mobo are taken up; I have an unused pci slot. Thanks
  9. I am no help here
    I just use high end sony buds
  10. Thanks though I'm thinking about just getting the Logitech G35
  11. Those are pretty sweet
    The Xonar DG does have Dolby for the headphones so
    that would work
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    Good Luck
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