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Alright I have gotten to the point of noticing that my on board audio is only able to output audio over 2 channels through my GTX570 HDMI. I am curious if anyone knows of a way i can output in 5.1 instead. My current set up is PC - Mitsubishi DLP - Sony surround sound. If not would it possibly solve my problem to use optical audio out directly to my cheap Sony surround sound system? If so, what would be the maximum length I could have the cable? I am really shooting to get 5.1 for my PC gaming when I am gaming on the big screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Use an optical cable from the pc to the receiver/amp. Its a violation of DRM for you tv to pass it thru as I understand it.. Maxumum length I beleive is 10m (33ft) technically, whereas 6m is more realistic. It mostly depends ont eh quality of the cable used.
  2. Quote:
    Use an optical cable from the pc to the receiver/amp

    Won't work unless the audio is already encoded in Dolby Digital/DTS or he has a soundcard that can encode to either format.

    You *should* be able to output 7.1 PCM via HDMI without any issues whatsoever, and I know the 500 series is capable of carrying most all Dolby/DTS formats...I'll toy around with my 570 when I get home, but I'm 99% sure it can send uncompressed 7.1 audio over without issue.
  3. Alright. I am using VIA onboard currently. I was trying to do this as cheaply as possible. I actually have a shorter cable that I just tried to use. The option to configure spdif in the sound settings is grayed out. So, it is stuck on stereo Im assuming. I may eventually just pick up a cheap sound card. I have just never looked into them as I never saw it as that important. Now, I am starting to notice my lack of true 5.1 in my games while gaming on the TV.
  4. I have been searching and reading a bit more. I now understand why it was recommended to use an optical cable directly to the receiver. Most TVs do not support pass through of 5.1. So the Mitsubishi is reporting to the 570 that it only supports 2 channels...which leaves me stuck where I am now. I just canceled the order for the 12ft toslink. So, where I am at now is that with a shorter cable I already have I am unable to check to see if it is capable/is putting out 5.1 (if the source supports it) as there is no way to send a test signal to all the speakers without being allowed into the configuration menu.
  5. Yeah, most all TV's can NOT pass through a Dolby/DTS signal, so you'd have to go through a receiver.

    And remember, if you want 5.1 in games via optical, you have to have a soundcard that can encode to either Dolby Digital or DTS, as optical is simply unable to pass through 6 channel uncompressed PCM audio.
  6. If most TVs can't pass through Dolby/DTS then why do all my other HDMI devices support full 5.1 pass thru my TV (PS3, Xbox360, Digital TV)... why is it that only my computer is stuck on 2 channel??
  7. Great question Derokorian. I'm looking for an answer to that very same question. It's kind of funny how everyone got quiet after you asked that question and that was well over a year ago! :)
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